August 04, 2018

Yūzen Nagashi of Light

Hori-kawa River, Takeya-machi, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto
Fujifilm Finepix X100

Kyo-no-Tanabta (京の七夕) is a collection of events held in August, which is when Tanabata falls in the lunar calendar. The events are designed around the theme of "Wishes" (願い) in honor of the tradition of "making a wish once a year." It is a ten-day event full of magical productions of bamboo and light, where visitors can enjoy the tradition of Tanabta in true Kyoto style. The Horikawa Site will offer romantic productions such as the "Milky Way of Light" (光の天の川) which replicates the beautiful Milky Way full of stars, and the "Yūzen Nagashi of Light" (光の友禅流し) which embellishes Horikawa River with light and beautiful Yūzen silks. The Kamogawa Site will create a wondrous world with productions such as the "Furinto" (風鈴灯) a wind chime installation of refreshing sounds, and the "Walkway of Bamboo and Light" (竹と光の遊歩道) an enchanting path of illuminated bamboo shoots.

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