July 12, 2018

Sacred Lotus

Hōkongō-in Temple, Ukyō-ku, Kyōto
Fujifilm Finepix X100

Construction of Hōkongō-in(法金剛院)began in 1129, and it took shape as a temple in the course of several years. The garden at the time of establishment centered on a large pond with yarimizu(遣り水)streams and pebble beaches, but the greater part of the pond has been burried and now lies under the modern city. At present, the hill called Goisan(五位山)and the waterfall stone arrangement called Seijo no taki(青女の瀧)at its foot retain their original appearance. This waterfall was built by gardener priests, first Rinken(林賢), and then Tokudaiji Hōgen Jōi(徳大寺法眼静意)who supervised its final completion in 1133. The garden is designated a national special scenic spot, and is located in Ukyō-ku(右京区), Kyōto City.

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