January 18, 2018

Old Public Bath

Kamogawa-yu, Sakyō-ku, Kyōto
SONY Xperia Z3

I used to utilize this public bath house, "Kamogawa-yu" (鴨川湯) in the vicinity of my dormitory in my college days. During dormitory stay we were allowed to take a bath every other day. Instead of a bath we were able to take a shower. During winter time only shower made me catch cold, so I sometimes came here to warm my body. It took 3 minutes' walk from my dormitory, but I sometimes came here by bike. In front of the bath house I parked my bike. There were small space to park the bikes. There were two entrances for men and women and a clerk sat down at the front desk. Of course there was a partition between dressing rooms of men and women. However the clerk sat down in the place where he or she could see the customers taking off their clothes. Usually an old woman sat down at the front desk. But an old man did on rare occasions. It was OK for women but as for men......Old as he was, he was a man. I was a YOUNG LADY at that time, so I didn't care for a man sitting in front of the dressing room. It was more than 25 years ago that I came here. So now I don't know the structure of the bathhouse. By the way, there were a variety of baths inside. There were not only a common bath but also an electric bath and a medicinal herb bubble bath. The customers were mainly neighboring old women. I was surprised that some old women who looked over 90 entered an electric bath comfortably. I was not good at an electric bath. I felt nostalgia with this bath house. It would be an oasis for the local citizens. (ミーコ O.)

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