June 10, 2017

String Fans of Miyamairi

Shikichi-jinja Shrine, Kita-ku, Kyōto
SONY XperiaZ3

Decoration for gifts to linen cord (麻紐, asahimo) with string fan (紐扇, himosen) to give up for the first time and write the date of birth and full name of baby to auspicious decoration for gifts, and manners and customs tying to lattice of Shinto shrine with linen cord are performed. Japanese fan was mascot called increasing prosperity and prayed for linen cord when we lived long until baby became white hair. Shikichi-jinja Shrine (敷地神社) is commonly known as Wara-tenjin (わら天神), primarily though not exclusively, dedicated to safe child birth and is visited by many pregnant women and their partners to pray for a problem-free delivery and to give thanks after a successful birth.

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