June 14, 2017

Soba Restaurant Itsutsu

Wakuden Itsutsu Restaurant, Kita-ku, Kyōto
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Specializing in soba (蕎麦), Itsutsu (いつつ) is a restaurant located right next to Daitoku-ji Temple (大徳寺). The restaurant is also a part of Wakuden (和久傳), branches of restaurants serving exquisite Japanese cuisines (和食, washoku). The sleek building of Itsutsu is very noticeable right off of the busy street. In soft lighting, there are counter seats and several tables with two seats each. Choose between hot or cold soba noodles perhaps with some saba-zushi (蕎麦寿司) or mackerel sushi (鯖寿司, sabazushi) on the side. Itsutsu original dessert with dry nuts and fruits are wonderful which are presented at the end of the ¥4,000 or ¥6,000 course meals. Several items such as the dessert is available for purchase at shop located on the first floor.

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