June 19, 2017

Hydrangea Princess Folding Fan

Ōnishi Kyōsen-dō Fan Store, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto
Fujifilm Finepix X100

From Fan Circle International: Fans have a long history in Japan, and according to legend, Japan is the homeland of the modern folding fan. The earliest evidence of the fan in Japan was discovered in the wall paintings of a burial mound dating from the 6th century AD in Fukuoka (福岡). These depicted the Chinese style ceremonial fan. Chinese influence was strong in Japan during this period and these fans were obviously modelled on the fans of the Han dynasty in China. Early Japanese fans were of two types, the tuan shan 'round fan’(団扇, uchiwa) and the bian mian 'screen fan' (扇子, sensu). The latter was any rigid fan which could be conveniently held in the hand. It was traditionally made of feathers or silk stretched over a round or oval frame. The Ceremonial fan differed essentially in that it was of a larger size, and was mounted on a long pole and used by attendants in the ceremonial entourage of high officials at important functions or processions. (Read more...)

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